How to list a property on greekim?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which properties can be listed on greekim?

greekim is a real estate marketing platform in Greece. All kinds of properties can be listed: lands, real estate projects, residences, or for commercial purposes. The properties that are published in greekim are for sale only. At this stage, it is not possible to list properties for rent.

I want to list my property on greekim. Where do you start?

To advertise a property on greekim, you must register. Upon registration, you will be sent access to the management interface, through which you can upload properties, edit details, and more. Registration is free.

How much does it cost to advertise on greekim?

Single property or multiple properties? The subscriptions in greekim are called “packages”. For a single property, the service is free!

Do you charge commissions for the transactions?

No. Each transaction is closed privately regardless of greekim.

If someone is interested in my property, how do they contact me?

Customers reach you directly in your mailbox by submitting the contact form displayed next to the property details. Once the communication is established, the transaction process progresses through your private channels.

Tips and best practices

Creating a listing on greekim

Adding the property location

Write the address in English and without errors. For best results, find the property on Google Maps, copy the address, and paste it into the “Address” field in the property posting interface, and on the text box above the map (see image on the right)

Adding photos to your listing

Select photos of the property’s interior and surroundings. If there is a view, show it off! The images can be in jpg or png format, and not larger than 1MB each.

Writing the title and description

Even if one picture is worth a thousand words, be sure to write a detailed and relevant description. Make a clear and concise title.

Featured listings

The promoted listings, called ”featured”, receive priority and appear in the first places in the search results and strategic other places on the site. This option is not available in the “single property” package.

Do you have any further questions? contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Copy the property address from Google Maps and paste it on greekim Property Location fields.